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What does the Advance Your Success Program offer at UP?

It offers the opportunity to students who are currently in eleventh or twelfth grade, with a GPA of 2.50 or higher, to advance college courses. The purpose is for them to become familiar with our academic programs, while advancing courses that count for their baccalaureate degree.

Which courses can I advance?

Course Credits Modality
CISO 3161 Ciencias Sociales I 3 crs ONLINE
HUMA 3161 Humanidades I 3 crs ONLINE
MATE 3161 Matemática Básica 3 crs ONLINE
ESPA 3161 Español I 3 crs ONLINE
INGL 3161 Inglés I 3 crs ONLINE
NURS 3120 Introducción a la Práctica de Enfermería 3 crs ONLINE
PSIC 3301 Principios de Psicología 3 crs ONLINE
RESP 2121 Introducción al Cuidado Respiratorio 3 crs Supported by technology
SUTN 2221 Introducción al Mundo Quirúrgico 3 crs Supported by technology
TEMD 2020 Terminología Médica 3 crs Supported by technology
FILM 2120 Introducción a la Producción de Videos 3 crs Supported by technology
AUDIO 2221 Teoría de la Música y MIDI 3 crs Supported by technology

* For online courses, students must have a computer, camera and microphone and high-speed internet service. Cost per course is $450.00.

How can I enroll?

Follow these steps to enroll:

  • Request a credit transcript from your school.
  • Complete the application form available through our website.
  • The Registrar will contact you to complete the registration process and will make an appointment for initial orientation.

Now Available

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Effective January 31, 2022, this nursing program is a candidate for initial accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. This candidacy status expires on January 31, 2024. Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326 (404) 975-5000 Note: Upon granting of initial accreditation by the ACEN Board of Commissioners, the effective date of initial accreditation is the date on which the nursing program was approved by the ACEN as a candidate program that concluded in the Board of Commissioners granting initial accreditation.